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Looking for Parrot Post photos? Currently shar…

Looking for Parrot Post photos? Currently sharing photos, little video clips, and stories over at our new Instagram!



Hello! Just a quick reminder that new Parrot P…

Hello! Just a quick reminder that new Parrot Post photos, stories, little videos of the birds (along with snapshots from Tokyo life) can be found over at our new Instagram page! I can take the photos or videos and share them in real time, so that makes it a lot easier for us to share more regularly and connect with you all. Thank you so much for checking us out and being so supportive of Parrot Post!

They started to sing together.. wow. A rare mo…

They started to sing together.. wow. A rare moment 🙂

Our new Instagram page!

PSA – Parrot Post photos

Hello everyone!
I have just decided to start a new Instagram account. I am not very good at social media in general, but after some thought, I felt that Instagram would be a good way for me to share everyday photos of the birds more easily and to connect with you all. I am always grateful for your wonderful support here on Parrot Post. On Instagram, along with photos of the birds, I will also be sharing images and thoughts from my life in Tokyo.

In recent days, it has been a bit more of a struggle for me to juggle work, bird care & family time, and regularly posting photos to the Parrot Post Tumblr blog. I would normally take the photos on my phone and upload them to my computer, resize etc, schedule them and post them on Tumblr. Now, it will be somewhat easier for me to share photos one by one directly onto Instagram closer to real time after the moment happened, and I will try to compose more thoughtful snapshots and words to go with them as well. I just wanted to share about this change with you all.

As always, Parrot Post is a non-profit channel, meaning that I never monetize any of the videos or content and have never done so. The reason is that I don’t intend to make money off of them; I consider Benjamin, Jasmine, and Piper my family. The main purpose of Parrot Post is to record everyday life with my birds, because moments really are so fleeting and the years pass away before we know it. My goal is also to inspire kindness and compassion toward birds and all animals. Sometimes I will share bits of knowledge about parrot care as well.

Again, a big birdy thank you to all you wonderful followers who support us so much! 🙂


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Stepping in the water!

Stepping in the water!



Sleepy boys :)

Sleepy boys 🙂