Parrot Post is leaving Tumblr

Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make. Parrot Post is leaving Tumblr, and I will continue to share our videos and photos on Youtube and Instagram from now on. 

Last night (here in Japan), I received a kind question from a Tumblr follower that requested me to try linking the Instagram and Tumblr accounts so that the images would be shared to both. When I immediately attempted to do so, I was locked out of my account due to a faulty “auth code” that never sent to my phone, no matter how many times I tried it. So I contacted Tumblr support, but after a stressful exchange, they refused to help and were unresponsive to my efforts and messages afterward.

The reason they wouldn’t validate and verify that it was actually me trying to get back into my own account?

I didn’t have a face photo on this blog, which features my birds only, that they could verify as me.

When I sent them other proof, they were completely unresponsive.

It was a truly stressful experience, some of the worst support I have ever experienced really.

Luckily, after getting up this morning after that tiring night, I was able to enter Parrot Post Tumblr via my computer. However, sadly, this has been enough for me to not feel very positive about utilizing the Tumblr platform any longer. What if for some reason I am locked out again in the future, and they refuse to help just like they did this time? I wouldn’t even be able to login and explain to you guys what happened, and the blog would be frozen as it is, forever.

Parrot Post started out with photos and gifs on Tumblr, and the Birblr community has been fantastic as well. It has never been about the numbers, only a daily record of life with my parrots and a desire to inspire compassion for birds and all animals, but we appreciate all who drop by to check the content we share, like, reblog, and held spread the word about Parrot Post. We appreciate the over 9000 followers (and those who don’t click the follow button but just check here and there) who wanted to keep up to date with our postings. We appreciate you very much!

Now, it is time for Parrot Post to move away from Tumblr. I understand that you don’t all have Youtube or Instagram accounts, and that’s fine. I personally don’t use Youtube or Instagram to follow subscribers etc, I simply manually go to the pages I want to see (I know that doesn’t work for everyone though)! From now on, I will be regularly updating on those platforms, and making an effort to interact with the community, more than I have on here as of late.

I will be closing this Tumblr blog within the next few days. Thank you again for all your love for Parrot Post!

Parrot Post on Youtube