Chapter 5: Heart of Darkness




In this episode: we talk about dicks A LOT
like even for us, please stop saying iconic, the ballad of hal daddington, we ruin our search history forever
ASMR RP: Fiona reassures you your kink is okay and no-one is judging you, Davide loudly judges you , summer beauty tips: stand by a coffin, Fiona’s guide to feeling awkward at a sleepover ,a recap podcast within a recap podcast: mumsy i had the most frightful summary of a crash test dummies song, did the rabbit done died? and of course Cheryl

DAVIDE’S NOTE: i’m really sorry about the audio for this one, I’ve cleared it up the best i can but it was a fight, we are getting a new mic for my more talented counterpart so this hopefully won’t repeat

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