The reality of living with parrots

Some of the things I clean up off the floor:

– Poop. Dried poop, wet poop. Big poop, little poop. “How the heck did that get there…?” poop.

– Pellets flung all over the place.

– Strips of paper. (Piper)

– A button, neatly removed from a jacket. (also Piper)

– Piper’s jingly ball, which has been missing for a few days, but turns out she tossed it under the couch.

– Feathers, yellow, red, orange, white, and gray ones.

– Tons and tons of dust, mostly created by the tiel boys.

– Little bits of orange peel that Benjamin has ripped off and thrown on the floor.

And what do the birds think about all this, you ask?