Hi! I got a bird a couple months ago and I kinda ignored people’s taming advice and messed things up a bit the first couple of weeks. He still doesn’t trust me that much and doesn’t like it when I put my hand in his cage. He’s a real cutie pie and feel really bad about not being able to give him a healthy and happy relationship. Occasionally he’ll warm up to me for around five minutes and chatter with me or sing when I play my ukulele, but otherwise I’m struggling to connect with him. Any tips?

If it’s just a single bird, you won’t ever be able to give him a normal or happy relationship at all.
Sorry, I’m a person who will always give the advice to get your bird a friend.
Budgies are highly social. They need a partner.
And that partner can’t be you. :/

Think about the birds needs. Don’t make it be unhappy because YOU want a tame bird. Talking budgies are maladjusted. Don’t force it to become tame.
People with just one budgie will never find out, how wonderful it is to see them playing in pairs or a small flock. To me, seeing them interact with each other is just the best thing ever.

I can’t give any advices to tame a budgie. Mine come to sit on the hand for treats, this took over one year for them to built up trust. But after all, they’re not tame at all and just doing their birb business.