milkamuesli: We need your help.Hey everyone. o/My name is Sarah and I own this blog. In july this…


We need your help.

Hey everyone. o/

My name is Sarah and I own this blog. In july this year, my boyfriend lost his job and then we started to struggle with money. He recently found work, while I started a new job. We have lots of problems right now and it’s hard to make ends meet.

It’s getting colder. The days grow shorter and it rains a lot recently. Our bunnies still do not have a winter house and their recent house is a mess. It would neither keep them warm at night and sometimes even the rain comes through.

My dad could help me make a new house for them, we already made a blueprint and everything. But we can not afford it right now when we already struggle to pay the rent.

I never liked to ask for money. Especially not on the internet.. but I don’t know what to do anymore..

Even if it’s just a few cents.. my little noodles need their winter house. Please share!! Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️

And what’s left over of the money that gets donated I will use for a little giveaway!! I promise!! ;;_;;