Skye. You moved in, in a tiny, dirty cage and the only toy you…


You moved in, in a tiny, dirty cage and the only toy you had was a singing plastic bird. I felt so sorry for you and promised you, to make life better from that moment on. Though you forgot how it was to have friends, Fyn and Jinkx accepted you right away.
I remember the first picture I took of the three of you. You looked so happy.
You had to learn many things again. How to play, how to interact with others, how to fly properly.
As the flock grew, you became everyone’s best friend. You loved to tease Miffy, chat with Jinkx and Fyn or cared for Luma.
Though sometimes you still were a loner. Telling stories. For hours.

As the time went on, we had to find out that you were sick. Your life became an up and down. We knew that, sooner or later, we would loose you because to those stupid megabacteria.
Yesterday evening you could not fly anymore. So we put you into a single cage and separated you from the flock. If things wouldn’t have been better until the next day, we would have brought you to the vet.

Last night you fell asleep. And you did not wake up again.

Say hi to Tioh for us.
We love you.
Be free.

– – –

We did not see that coming. He looked really good the past days. Life is cruel sometimes. It took two birds within one week.
It makes me feel truly miserable..

Sorry that this blog became such a sad place..