Because this happened a few times and it’s really disturbing to me;

PLEASE. Don’t send me pictures of your sick birds asking me what kind of illness they could have, because you don’t want to go or can’t afford a vet.
This does not make you any wiser nor does it help your pet! Because my advice will always be to bring it to an (avian) vet immediately.

You don’t help yourself, you don’t help your pet and you will just leave me wondering what kind of pet owner you are, when you prefer to leave your pet suffering. There are always ways to get some bucks. Lend it, or ask people on the internet to help.
I got such a picture today again, with someone asking for advice. This actually kind of ruined my day and I feel miserable for that budge. (Not to mention that I will block you.)

So please, don’t. If you don’t want to help your pet and bring it to the vet, refrain from asking me. I can surely give you advice after you went for a check up. But I am no vet myself. I have some knowledge but that’s about it.

Care for your pets. Don’t just love them. Give them medical help when they clearly NEED it. Put some bucks on the side every month. Because that will always be the black side about pet-care. They do get sick.
Please. Think about it.